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Timber Planed and Sawn Treated

We supply an extensive range of planed timber such as 5th Swedish redwood, which is a particularly good kiln dried pine in a variety of sizes and lengths.

This includes a full range of skirting, architraves, door linings, studwork, door lining material, beadings, mouldings and much more, just come and have a rummage!

As evidence of our traditional customer service we are happy for you to cut any stock items to the length you need (as long as we have a minimum 1.8m left) so you don’t have to pay for timber you don’t want.

All planed timber is described by its pre-planed dimensions. Please be aware that planed timber will lose approx 6mm from each dimension thus 25mm x 100mm will result in a timber size of approximately 19mm x 94mm.


We stock a full range of sawn tanalised timber in standard sizes and can supply non-standard dimensions- just ask!

All our treated timbers are of the highest quality, being kiln dried, graded to c16/c24 and regularised (ease edged) ideal for all construction purposes.

We carry stocks of 1” thick treated sawn timber up to 9” wide as standard- ideal for those garden projects!

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